Dev update and community engagement!

Hey there! This is just a short update about what’s going on in Tube Tycoon development process!

To start with, I’d like to inform you that Tube Tycoon is actually in pretty advanced stage in development. I’m working day and night to deliver game as soon as possible. For example here you can see a screenshot from my time management app. It shows Work done in the last 7 days alone:

I’m still working on finishing all recording types, City and game balance. After finishing all the game mechanics I’ll also need to take care of game translations, promotion and publication on Steam!


Recently while play testing Tube Tycoon I noticed that with time, comments become repetitive and boring. That’s why recently I asked my followers on Twitter and Facebook to help me with creating comments database. You guys have been amazing! I have over 400 new comments now in the game, thank you!


Talking about your help, I’ll soon need translators for Tube Tycoon! I will post a public form to fill out. From list of everyone interested I’ll select a few people for each language to translate. The basic plan is to translate the most commonly used languages first, but if there will be a large interest in other languages, there won’t be a problem to translate them as well!

This is only an announcement and more detailed info will be shared with you soon!

Remember that this is you, the community of Tube Tycoon game, who helps to shape the game! 🔥
Stay Tubyyy!

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